Chiren Instrument

The Chiren Instrument

Dutch health pioneer Johan Boswinkel, of The Health Angel foundation in The Netherlands, has been working with biophotons since the early 1980’s. He has co-developed a medical instrument called the CHIREN. This instrument functions primarily as a measurement device of biophotons, and as a delivery system for over 400 homeopathic remedies, Bush and Bach flower essences, and specifically engineered “inverted” light frequencies (nosodes).

The CHIREN is a software driven, touch screen based medical instrument that employs fiber optics technology. It incorporates the use of an electro-acupuncture probe, glass rods and glass foot plates. The biophoton practitioner uses this tool to measure health energy frequencies, test for balancing remedies, and to direct these remedies back into the body for use by the body’s internal healing mechanisms. When all the body points measured by the instrument have become coherent, the client’s symptoms are diminished or removed, then the treatment is complete, and the results are lasting.       

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The CHIREN is an instrument consisting of two parts:

  •  An assessment system
  •  A biofeedback system 

The assessment system in the CHIREN is based on electro-acupuncture made available through Dr. Reinold Voll (EAV) (learn more). It simply measures the galvanic resistance of the skin, which is observed on the screen, and emits an audible tone.  When one measures biophoton emissions with Dr. Fritz Albert Popp’s photomultiplier, and then skin-resistance with a measurement device according to Dr. Voll, it is observed that a straight line and steady tone in EAV corresponds with maximum photon coherency, and that a hyperbole and dropping tone corresponds with chaotic light. Hence the measurement system in the CHIREN, which is based on EAV, gives a quantitative indication that corresponds fully with biophoton emission.

When the measurement of an acupuncture point demonstrates chaos, a qualitative assessment can be done with the CHIREN to find out what is causing the imbalance. This measurement will provide, based on the quality of the chaotic signal coming from the body, what information is needed to correct biophoton coherence and thus stimulate the self-healing ability of the body.

The biofeedback system of the CHIREN filters and separates the signal and sends the opposite information of the disruptive signal back into the body to correct the disturbance.  Corrupted wave patterns are cancelled out or neutralized much like what happens with noise cancelling headphones. At the same time the coherent, healthy biophoton emission is amplified and returned back to the body to give extra strength and assist recovery.