Biophoton Light Therapy sessions are always in private, with clients wearing everyday clothes, and sitting comfortably in a chair. Only shoes and socks are removed. The practitioner, using the CHIREN instrument (learn more), takes initial measurements following a short interview covering the client’s reasons for coming, and any medical history they choose to share. A small blunt probe is used to touch the skin at the acupuncture point being tested, while the client holds a brass rod, thus completing a circuit. Remedies are later tested in a similar fashion, then applied using the same instrument through glass rods for the hands, and glass footplates for the feet.

For the duration of the session, which typically lasts an hour or so, the practitioner is with you in the room measuring and treating. Client interaction is an important part of the process and is welcomed. Apart from the biofeedback-based treatment with the body’s own light, the practitioner uses no other means to manipulate the physical or energetic body. No supplements or drugs are part of the treatment. It is not necessary to buy anything as part of the therapy. Biophoton treatment can still be applied effectively for clients taking doctor-prescribed medications.

First sessions can run up to two hours in length, with subsequent sessions running about an hour. Four to twelve sessions are generally required to completely restore biophoton coherence. It is common for clients to experience changes in symptoms soon after starting the therapy. Clients experience a reduction in symptoms, if and when they occur, usually within four sessions, or within eight sessions in cases where heavy medication is being taken.


The first two treatments should be no less than three, and no more than five days apart. After this it is advisable to wait for at least one week before further treatments. The sessions are designed to initiate the self-healing action. For the healing itself the body needs time to rest. This is why the break between sessions is as important as the session itself. Treatment more than once weekly might overburden the body and delay healing.

The biophoton practitioner does not make a medical diagnosis based on the imbalances that are measured, or the remedies that are needed in the biophoton treatment. What is measured energetically is not always manifested or visible on the physical plane, and some disturbances that are manifested are not measurable. So a statement as to whether someone does or does not have a disease is not what goes on in Biophoton Light Therapy sessions.

Disclaimer:  Patricia Pascoe is not a medical doctor or licensed healthcare provider.  She is a Certified Chiren Practioner.  Biophoton sessions should not be used as a substitute for advice from a physician.