Biophoton Light Therapy – FAQ’s

Q: What is a biophoton session like?

A: The first session usually lasts 2 hours. Subsequent sessions run 60 to 90 minutes. Clients are fully clothed and seated, but need to remove shoes and socks. A voluntary medical history is taken initially, and current issues discussed. Measurements are taken using the CHIREN’s test stylus, which is lightly pressed into acupuncture points on the hands and feet to see which imbalances exist. Specific remedies are tested in a similar fashion and two treatment intervals occur; one with glass rods in the hands for 10 -12 minutes, and one using foot plates for 15 minutes. Acupuncture points are then retested.

Q: Will I feel anything during sessions or afterwards?

A: Each person reacts in his or her own special way to treatments. It is common to feel relaxed and sleepy during a session, to feel nothing at all, or to notice a small change in symptoms. For up to 3-4 days following a session there can be a change in both a positive, or negative way, as your body absorbs the treatment. Or again nothing at all may be felt initially. There is no wrong reaction.

Q: What is homeopathy and how is it part of the session?

A: In its current form homeopathy has been used for over 200 years. It was discovered by a pioneering German doctor, Samuel Hahnemann, who in response to the often harmful medical practices of the day, began lowering dosages to avoid damaging side effects. In the end he discovered that often the greater the dilution of the many plant, animal, mineral and synthetic substances used as remedies, the better the results could occur without the toxicity. The CHIREN has recorded the light frequencies of over 400 such modern remedies and modulates them back over a client’s own frequency, allowing the body to pick up what it needs, at whatever level it chooses.

Q: Is this type of therapy for everyone?

A: The session is non-invasive and does not “do” anything to the body other than introduce light frequencies that the body chooses to accept and apply. It works with almost everyone. There is no age restriction. People with organ transplants, artificial blood vessels or tubes, or surgically implanted valves however cannot be treated. Anyone with a stent can be treated.

Q: What type of research led up to this form of biophoton treatment?

A: In the 1950s  Dr. Reinhard Voll, a German medical doctor and engineer began researching and proving an innovative testing method now known collectively as electro-acupuncture, electro-dermal screening, and meridian stress assessment. It was later to be picked up by medical practitioners as an alternative and holistic approach to health measurement. In the 1990s Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp, with a PHD in theoretical physics from the University of Mainz, Germany made a remarkable discovery - human beings emit light. He conducted research that confirmed the existence of biophotons, particles of light with no mass, that transmit information within and between cells. His work shows that the DNA in a living cell stores and releases photons.

Q: Is Biophoton Light Therapy available everywhere?

A:  The CHIREN and Biophoton Light Therapy are quite new and only recently became available in the United States. The Health Angel Foundation, with its headquarters in The Netherlands, licenses all biophoton light practitioners. There are approximately three hundered practitioners currently in the United States.


Disclaimer:  Patricia Pascoe is not a medical doctor or licensed healthcare provider.  She is a Certified Chiren Practitioner.  Biophoton sessions should not be used as a substitute for advice from a physician.