Biontology Collage

Light, the Universal Source

Biophoton Light Therapy is a safe and painless, non-invasive wellness treatment that uses light frequencies to measure and correct imbalances in your body’s energy system. Imbalances can result from a range of problems including illness, trauma, emotional stress, disease, and physical injuries.  The negative effects of these complications are by nature reversible.  Using resonate vibrational light as a catalyst for change, this therapy uses a highly effective bio-resonance instrument “The Chiren®", to both lessen and permanently eliminate the impact on your health issues.

Biophoton Light Therapy was recently developed in Europe as a natural, alternative means of promoting health and well-being by using your body’s own light.  Relying on Traditional Chinese Medicine’s body meridians as road maps, The Chiren® measures, tests and modulates recorded light frequencies (remedies) through your energetic structure.  No needles or medications are administered. Simply put, remedies are used to cancel out the incoherent light, and return the body back to its “original blueprint.” Thus, by removing the root cause of symptoms, the intelligence of the body can once again direct the healing process.

Biontology, or the science of light measurement and healing, is a holistic approach to vibrant health, combining the ancient wisdom of the East with the technology of the West. Established just twenty years ago in Germany, it has been used effectively on tens of thousands of people of all ages, with both acute and chronic conditions.